In the Developed Markets, communications, materials, energy, 3D manufacturing, machine learning and data technologies are altering business models and redesigning markets. Everywhere technology is rewriting the code of cash flows. It is an entrepreneurial high season and upstarts are everywhere.

The Emerging Markets, in contrast, are embroiled in the great urbanizing, electrification, manufacturing and transportation technologies of the 20th century. It is a landscape of capital intensive, infrastructure driven growth. The equations of risk and long term returns are familiar even in foreign idioms. And there is the opportunity for Emerging Markets to vault directly to the new technologies.

Our clients are navigating this landscape.  It is complex, exciting, full of risk and even more of opportunity.

We ask a Pi banker to combine traditional financial and deal management expertise with entrepreneurial empathy; to be experts in the cross border dynamic and with the technologies altering their sectors; and above all to have the courage of a ‘view’. We seek to endorse our clients and facilitate change. It is a reflexive relationship.